Is Asheville a Green City?

The city of Asheville in North Carolina is known for being one of the healthiest and best places to live in the US.  So what makes this city so healthy? Well for one it is located near the mountains and is home to a lot of spiritual artists and other green oriented people.  There are many different yoga places, vegan restaurants, health stores, and other cool things.  The vibe in asheville is laid back and friendly which makes it a great place in general for anyone to stay. We will go over some reasons why we think this is a good place for people that like to be healthy.

Invest in the Healthy Initiative

Asheville was selected by the reinvestment fund and the Robert Wood Johnson foundation to participate in a brand new health initiative.  It’s aim is to improve health and income in low income neighborhoods and will be implemented in around 4-0 cities across the country.  It was chosen out of roughly 180 teams that applied for the initiative. This goes to show just how the government and the people view the city of asheville.

Businesses In Asheville

There are many different types of businesses in Asheville and they all try to do their part to keep the city environmentally friendly.  Trades are notorious for being unhealthy and wasting resources, etc.  However Asheville plumbing companies for example have gotten a lot better at caring and being good to the environment.

Overall the city of Asheville definitely deserves its title as one of the healthiest cities in the states.  We highly recommend that you check it out and maybe you will end up staying for a while.

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