Month: June 2017

Best Tools To Use Around The House

The electrical wiring of a house is like the nerves of the human body. It gives life to the home by providing lighting and allowing the use of electrical appliances that save time, as well as equipment and appliances needed to work and maintain it.

Being a handyman is an interesting and rewarding job, says many people. As you gain experience, you are finding ways to do things more quickly and efficiently, but there is always something new to learn.

The tools play an important role in the speed and efficiency of a handyman. There are many tools for handymen in the market, but not all of them are professional.

Bosch Brute breaker hammer

We use this powerful tool to demolish structures and make installations. The good thing is that it does not require a generator to operate, making it a versatile and portable tool.


Makita 18V Drill

This is by far the best wireless lithium ion kit you have ever had. Aside from being excellent, all tools for electricians are lighter than others I’ve used. At my job, I’m constantly going up and down ladders 10 to 12 feet tall, all the time loading my tools, so I can certainly notice the difference in weight. The batteries of these tools also have a much longer life. In particular, I like the hammer drill. It’s great for drilling holes and passing pipes through the wall.

Dewalt Table Saws

When it comes to the best portable table saws, Dewalt is always at the head of the pack. They product quality products so we are proud to recommend them.

Camping Tips


The summer is coming and with it the holidays. Many will go to rest and others will go camping. With the scout group, with the family or just with friends, it is relaxing to spend a few days disconnected from the city, just admiring nature and filling us with energy.

If you’re a participant in this experience, we do not want anything bad to happen to you while you’re camping. That’s why we show you the 10 things you can not miss when you go camping.

1. Not to be missed: Always carry a map, a compass and a GPS (the latter is optional). We know that today there are cell phones so modern that have all this included, but we also know that the battery lasts for nothing and in times of trouble, it is better to be prepared with a good map and a real compass.

2. Sun Protection: UV radiation is becoming more dangerous every day, especially considering the large hole in the ozone layer , so you should always have sunscreen, lip balm and glasses.

3. Clothing: Even if you go to a very hot place, the weather is very changeable, and it is always good to wear a jacket, warm pants and gloves.

4. Lighting: It is nice to see the stars in complete darkness, but equally need flashlights, both to build the tent at night, to look for clothes, etc. If you have a flashlight much better, and you should also carry spare batteries if you use that power source.

5. First Aid: A kit should never be missing in your expeditions, you should wear gauze, bandage patch, povidone, cotton, needle, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, ice cream sticks and if you need some remedy, take it also. Health first.

6. Bonfire: To fire the fire, in a safe way so that you do not provoke a fire, you must carry a flint, matches or a lighter.

7. Repair: You must have a knife (hopefully a Swiss knife) and some essential tools like a hammer, especially to arm the tent.

8. Food: You must nourish yourself adequately every day, so you do not faint on the walks. Make a previous menu and bring nuts, cereal bars and fruits.

9. Hydration: You always have to have water on hand, for that you have bottles or a hydration system, and if you go near a river, carry a water filter or another treatment system so you never run out of the vital element.

10. For Shelter: A tent, sleeping bag, reflective blanket, and a camping air mattress are necessary for your comfort.